Exfoliation – Summer is Here

Exfoliation – Summer is here!We spend a lot of time rubbing creams, lotions, and sunscreens on our face, but it you do not exfoliate then your skin is not allowing the product to penetrate like it should be. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells on the skins surface. As we age, our cell renewal process […]

Sebastian now for Sale at the Top Beauty School in Utah County

Sebastian hair care has been around since the year 1970. In this hippie era they hit it big when Geri Cusenza invented the crimping iron! Since then they have been non-stop increasing decade to decade. They are best known for their phenomenal hair spray, but have amazing products for all hair types; from shampoo for […]

How to Transfer Beauty Schools in Utah

This week, news of unexpected closures of all 56 Marinello Beauty School locations left more than 4,000 students questioning their next move. Mandalyn Academy is working diligently to help place Marinello students from Provo, UT in our American Fork location. Navigating the transfer process can be confusing, but Mandalyn Academy will work diligently to guide […]

5 Must-Try Salon & Spa Services

Did you know that there are a ton of pressure points in your hands and feet? A mani-pedi isn’t a spa treatment,it’s a life necessity. Relax and reset with a calming treatment that is also beneficial to your health. Manicures shape the nail and trim the cuticle, but they also exfoliate the dead skin that […]

Take These Classes In High School to Prepare for Beauty School

For a lot of people, questions about their future and their career paths can be a source of anxiety. But for some, those questions don’t require a second thought.Are you in high school and your dream is to be a cosmetologist? Or do you know someone who in high school who dreams of being a […]

Mandalyn Academy’s Spa

Clinical skin care products in our treatments for our clientele.  We retail these products as well for your benefit to maintain your fresh new spa glow when you are at home as well.  Come receive a phenomenal facial for 40% off until the end of May to try out our new Lira products to see why we […]


We had three more graduates this month! Makell, Megan, Tiffany, and Nicole. Congratulations ladies. Mandalyn Academy graduates have a 100% state board passing rate. Our students are taught by phenomenal instructors that prepare them not only for state exams, but make sure they are prepared for the real world business and beauty environment. Keep working […]

Fall Time is Here – Mandalyn Academy has what you need!

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cooling temperatures; just cool enough for a sweatshirt. I love the fall colors & falling leaves. I love long walks & hearing the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet. The world bursting with splashes of orange, red, yellow, & brown. I can’t wait for my first […]

Facts and Myths about Head Lice – Your Beauty School Experts

It is often the reaction of people to panic about the presence of head lice on them or on someone in close proximity. Truth is, head lice are not dangerous, just extremely annoying. Head lice are extremely contagious; however, they do not jump, hop, or fly. They are transferred from head to head during contact. […]

Summer Sun

Did you know that the sun is responsible for 90% of the visible signs of aging? SUCH AS; • Sagging Skin • Damage to collagen • Wrinkles • Uneven skin tone • Pigment • Broken Capillaries • Cellular Damage Most of these damages can be prevented by one thing, sun screen. At Mandalyn Academy we […]