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How to Transfer Beauty Schools in Utah

Mandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics training

This week, news of unexpected closures of all 56 Marinello Beauty School locations left more than 4,000 students questioning their next move.

Mandalyn Academy is working diligently to help place Marinello students from Provo, UT in our American Fork location. Navigating the transfer process can be confusing, but Mandalyn Academy will work diligently to guide students into new programs. 

Not every transfer is caused because of a school closure, but in the event that it happens schools receiving transfer students must take the steps to verify that students are eligible to train and study. The process may take a bit of time, but we will fight for students to complete their programs in as timely a manner possible.

Where Do I Start?

In order to start the transfer process, you’ll need to amend your FAFSA so that we can see what aid you qualify for at our school.

Simply visit the FAFSA website  and login to the portal like you did when you first applied for beauty school, and use the Mandalyn Academy School Code : 041619 to amend the most recent filing. 

If you’re a Marinello student looking to transfer, the documents that you’ll need to provide to transfer to Mandalyn will be in the exit packet provided by Marinello Schools.

If you’re a traditional transfer student who is transferring to Mandalyn, you will need to provide a proof of training or a verification of hours completed such as transcript.

The important thing to remember, is that transfer and financial aid eligibility are determined on an individual basis. The best way to ensure that you are getting the correct and most up-to-date information about this matter is to call our admissions office and schedule an appointment.

Did you have a salon service scheduled at Marinello Beauty School Provo? Scroll to the bottom of this article to see how we can help!

Step 2: Scheduling an Appointment and Applying

If the transfer process is feeling a little familiar at this point, it should. Just like you applied and met with a representative from your first school, you will do the same thing here.

Call our admissions office at (801)-772-3131 to schedule with an admissions representative and complete an application. The application can be found online here, or can be filled out in the office during your appointment.

You can also call or text our Admissions Specialist AmberLee at (808)-633-315 if you have specific questions or concerns.

The sooner you call, the sooner we will be able to get you into the facility for a tour and to speak with our Financial Advisor and coordinate with the state verify all documentation. 

Step 3: The Appointment and Evaluation

When you come in to tour the facility and meet with an admissions specialist you will need to bring the following for us to put on file with your application. 

  •  Valid  photo ID
  • Valid Official High School Diploma or GED certificate*

*valid means issued by a public or private high school and recognized by the state/ completed through a state approved program.

Please note, regarding the severe enforcement actions that facilitated the initial loss of funding for some Marinello schools Mandalyn Academy is unable to accept any Park Ridge diplomas. If you earned a Park Ridge diploma, speak with an admissions representative to learn about your options for obtaining a valid diploma.

Why Mandalyn Academy?

Mandalyn Academy is the premiere location in Utah to receive quality training in barbering and cosmetology , basic and master esthetics, advanced makeup and permanent makeup application. 

Our institution holds a 98% pass rate on the State Board Examination, and our graduates are typically placed in the field within the year of receiving a license.

Reschedule Your Marinello Salon Service with Mandalyn

If you had an appointment for a service at the Provo, UT Marinello location you can reschedule your treatment at the Mandalyn Academy Spa. Call us now to book an appointment!



5 Must-Try Salon & Spa Services





Mandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics trainingMandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics training


Did you know that there are a ton of pressure points in your hands and feet? A mani-pedi isn’t a spa treatment,it’s a life necessity. Relax and reset with a calming treatment that is also beneficial to your health. Manicures shape the nail and trim the cuticle, but they also exfoliate the dead skin that accumulates. The process stimulates tissue and blood flow which can improve the overall circulation to the hands and feet.

Have you noticed numb sensations or tingling feelings in your fingers or toes when you’re tense? Get a mani-pedi and feel stress wash away!

Mandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics training


If you’re looking for even more relaxation then this treatment is the one that you should begin with. The Mandalyn academy Signature Facial is the best three-part European facial you will ever have.

Not only will your skin be rejuvenated and years younger, but you will leave with a full-body sense of calm and tension-free.

The procedure includes a deep-cleanse to pull toxins from the surface of the skin and deep within the pores, and is followed by an exfoliation and masque which moisturizes the skin leaving it firm and blemish free.

However, it’s the deep massage for your shoulders, hands and feet that will makes the difference. Only at Mandalyn Academy will you find a facial that will make your whole body feel as great as your skin!

Services_Lash ExtensionsIf you’re still wasting money on mascara and false lashes each month, we have great news for you! Lash extensions are THE only choice for your busy life!

The initial application takes a few hours, and then there is little-to-no maintenance required from you! You simply avoid waterproof mascaras and oil-based makeup removers while you have the lashes.

Lashes come in lengths of 6mm to 17mm depending on the kind of look that you’re interested in. Schedule an appointment and your lash specialist will help you to find the look that you’ve been waiting for!

Services_Laser Hair RemovalShaving is a thing of the past! We have the technology to keep your skin smooth and stubble free!  There are only a few weeks left until spring and that means that bikini season is right around the corner.  Treat your under arms and bikini area now for the most flawless summer of your life.

Not to mention, with a few simple visits you may never have to buy another pair of tweezers again. Do the right thing and ditch the razor for the laser.

Services_Deep Conditioning Treatment

If you decide to hold out for one very special salon treat, this should be it. Your hair goes through some torture to look fabulous all of the time. Replenish the lost nutrients and strength with our Deep Conditioning Treatment, and most importantly moisture.

You need to drink water to keep your body looking and feeling good, and the same goes for your hair and skin.

Did we mention that this treatment is also ultra relaxing, and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world!

Call or come in to schedule an appointment in the Mandalyn Academy Salon and Spa

(801) 772-3131 | 648 E State St, American Fork, UT 84003

Take These Classes In High School to Prepare for Beauty School

Mandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics training

For a lot of people, questions about their future and their career paths can be a source of anxiety. But for some, those questions don’t require a second thought.
Are you in high school and your dream is to be a cosmetologist? Or do you know someone who in high school who dreams of being a stylist? Check out these helpful classes to take before you graduate high school that will prepare you for success in beauty school.

Writing & Speaking Classes:

Success as a stylist depends on your ability to communicate with people. It is vital that they not only feel comfortable with your professionalism, but that they feel confident in your ability to understand their needs and be able to give them what they’re looking for.

English and Creative Writing classes are helpful because they encourage you to think about messaging and intent. “What am I trying to say here?” is a common question applied during the drafting process, which can be applied to any professional setting. Having a clear vision of the end goal, and being able to explain the process of how you will get there, is a vital professional skill regardless of your chosen field.

Speech is a secret, but not-so-secret weapon, because while good writing and processing skills are helpful to the creative workflow and management aspects of professional life, good verbal communication skills are the very cornerstone of the service industry.
As a stylist, you will be client-facing (even though sometimes you actually stand behind them) meaning the way you present yourself is very important because it is the first thing that clients experience and will use to evaluate you. A beginning speech course will teach you how to interact with strangers, speak in front of them, and how to navigate tricky communication issues, too.

Art and Theater Classes:

Creative expression is good for you on it’s own, but in the event that being a world-class stylist is on your list of things to do, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn about color, texture, and basic aesthetics. Before you can jump into mixing vibrant color blends, you need a basic understand of how the color wheel functions and the best practices of design. Of course you will learn these things in beauty school, but imagine how much more fun you will have if you already understand the principles. Whether it’s painting, drawing, costumes and lighting, or even stage makeup, these classes lay the foundation that you will need to be successful.

Lab Science Classes:

Biology? Really? It makes more sense than you think.
Working as a stylist, you will be working closely with people’s bodies. Skin, hair, nails, feet, hands, etc..
Salon services such as massage and esthetics require a thorough knowledge of human anatomy.
You wouldn’t expect to need science classes in beauty school, would you?
Speaking of science, taking a chemistry class or two probably wouldn’t hurt either. Cosmetologists mix complicated colors on a daily basis, taking into account the chemical properties of the blend and working with materials that could become caustic if not handled properly.

Cosmetology and Esthetics education incorporate so much more than basic styling techniques and an eye for color, by fusing principles of chemistry and anatomy, psychology, business, and economics to produce a well-rounded curriculum. Graduates of Manadalyn Academy are skilled, business-minded professionals.
Are you interested in seeing what cosmetology school can do for you? Check out our program and get started!

Call us anytime to book an appointment or speak with an admissions rep! (801)-772-3131

Exfoliation – Summer is here!

We spend a lot of time rubbing creams, lotions, and sunscreens on our face, but it you do  not exfoliate then your skin is not allowing the product to penetrate like it should be.  Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells on the skins surface.  As we age, our cell renewal process slows down, which causes our dead skin cells to remain on the surface of our skin and it can often times appear dull, rough, and dry; this can causes clogged pores and breakouts as well.


Exfoliation can be performed mechanically, or chemically.  Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and scrubs are all forms of exfoliation. Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells and uncovers fresh new skin, allowing products to penetrate deeper leaving your skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

Caution: remember to be careful not to over exfoliate.  Over exfoliating will leave your skin irritated, dry, sensitive and in worst cases, damaged.  One to two times a week is plenty for at home exfoliation and 1-2 times per month for a deeper more effective exfoliation from your skin care professional.  Come see us at Mandalyn Academy to help you lose that dry dead skin from winter, and feel and see the benefits of a good exfoliation!

See for Yourself!

Mandalyn Academy is one of the top beauty schools in Utah! View our new video’s with a tour of our school and testimonials to see for yourself.  Mandalyn Academy – Where beauty, confidence, and professionals are created.

Mandalyn Academy’s Spa

Mandalyn Academy's SpaWe are happy to announce that we are now using Lira Clinical skin care products in our treatments for our clientele.  We retail these products as well for your benefit to maintain your fresh new spa glow when you are at home as well.  Come receive a phenomenal facial for 40% off until the end of May to try out our new Lira products to see why we are raving about them!  Mandalyn Academy is one of the top beauty schools in Utah County, and we want to show you why. Our students are trained by experienced instructors and are able to use what they have learned in our full-service spa and salon.  You will not be disappointed.

Call our Spa/Salon at (801)-772-3131

For enrollment information please contact our Admissions Director at (801)-772-3131


We had three more graduates this month! Makell, Megan, Tiffany, and Nicole.  Congratulations ladies. Mandalyn Academy graduates have a 100% state  board passing rate. Our students are taught by phenomenal instructors that prepare them not only for state exams, but make sure they are prepared for the real world business and beauty environment.  Keep working hard ladies.  We love our students and instructors!

beauty school Graduates

Sebastian now for Sale at the Top Beauty School in Utah County

Sebastian hair care has been around since the year 1970.  In this hippie era they hit it big when Geri Cusenza invented the crimping iron! Since then they have been non-stop increasing decade to decade. They are best known for their phenomenal hair spray, but have amazing products for all hair types; from shampoo for brittle hair, to conditioner for more volume, they’ve got it all. Come into Mandalyn Academy to pick up your first Sebastian hair product and see for yourself!

Sebastian now for Sale at the Top Beauty School in Utah County

Fall Time is Here – Mandalyn Academy has what you need!

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cooling temperatures; just cool enough

for a sweatshirt. I love the fall colors & falling leaves. I love long walks & hearing the

crunch of the leaves beneath my feet. The world bursting with splashes of orange, red,

yellow, & brown. I can’t wait for my first autumn bonfire, sipping hot apple cider or to go

to the apple orchard & pick apples fresh from the tree, which will soon be turned into a

delicious apple pie. I can smell the sweet scent of the apples as they mix with the spicy

aroma of cinnamon.

Two wonderful ingredients for delectable autumn treats are also great for our skin.

Apples contain malic acid. Malic acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). It is great

for light exfoliation of the skin, helping to add smoothness to your complexion. With

autumn also comes less time spent in the sun, so it is a great time of the year to start

receiving some chemical peels & repairing some of the damage we did to our skin this


Fall Time is Here - Mandalyn Academy has what you need!

Cinnamon has many great qualities. It is a great antioxidant & antibacterial;

great for the treatment of acne. It can help speed the healing of acne lesions, while

fighting the bacteria that causes the acne in the first place. Cinnamon is also stimulating

& great for the treatment of cellulite. It helps with the circulation & breaking down of

built up toxins. We offer a great contouring body wrap that contains cinnamon. The

M’lis Wrap allows you to lose 4-14 inches in one wrap. It helps your body detoxify & rid

itself of toxins. Body contouring wraps are best done in conjunction with healthy eating

& exercise. But will help with losing those pesky pounds that don’t respond to diet &

exercise. They also help with tightening & smoothing the skin.

So this autumn as you sip your cider or eat your pie, remember to call & book

an appointment with one of our wonderful student estheticians at Mandalyn Academy.

They look forward to helping you design a treatment plan for your skin.

Facts and Myths about Head Lice – Your Beauty School Experts

It is often the reaction of people to panic about the presence of head lice on them or on someone in close proximity. Truth is, head lice are not dangerous, just extremely annoying. Head lice are extremely contagious; however, they do not jump, hop, or fly. They are transferred from head to head during contact. Head lice can live up to 2 days off the scalp which allows them to cling to a movie theater seat, couch, clothing, etc. Head lice are also not related to poor hygiene. The small insect lives on blood found in the scalp and in the hair shaft of humans and actually prefers clean hair rather than dirty because it’s easier to get to the blood supply. Ways to get rid of the irritating creatures? There are several medicated forms that can be purchased over the counter, or there are also several home remedies such as olive oil, mayonnaise, etc. Whichever method is used, it is just as important to remove all of the nits (sack of eggs) from the scalp and hair shaft. Otherwise newborn lice will hatch and re-infect the head again. It is also very important to disinfect clothing, furniture, stuffed animals etc. This can be done with a spray for killing lice on surfaces or putting them in a dark plastic bag (tied off) for at least 2 days.  Keep calm, take the proper steps, and you will be back to normal in a couple days!

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