Cosmetology Graduate!

This week we had our very first cosmetology graduate. Mandalyn Academy is one of the best Utah beauty schools and has had an exceptional Master Esthetics program for over 12 years.  I was not only a student here, but am now the campus director. Watching each of students experience what it is like to become a cosmetologist or master esthetician is such a rewarding experience. I often tell students that it isn’t only the technical skill you master, but also the emotional and professional growth you experience that makes you a stellar professional.

Each day is fun, challenging, entertaining and insightful. I watched this particular student on her last day of school and thought to myself how great she will be. She will make others smile, she will be educated and professional and most importantly she will have some impressive technical skills. I thought to myself how she is just starting in her life but has learned to maneuver personality conflicts and challenging situations successfully.  I am proud of who she has become but most importantly I am excited to see where she is going.

Each day at Mandalyn Academy I learn more about myself. I learn who I want to be, who I don’t want to be, who I didn’t know I was. Our students learn this too. We aren’t a cookie cutter beauty school. We know each of the students, their strengths, their weaknesses and are impressed by their potential.

-Jenny Stoddard – Director of Education

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