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4 Interesting Hair Coloring Meanings

4 Interesting Hair Coloring Meanings

What’s your Hair Color???

1. Redheads Are Feisty But Creative and Sensitive

Red-haired vixens are often believed to have a temper as hot as the color on their heads. Although this isn’t always the case, red-heads do tend to exhibit a more passionate, explosive behavior, very seductive, creative and outspoken as well! Jumpy, passionate and explosive – redheads are often believed to be intimidating just as much as beautiful.  But did u also know that Natural reds are also more sensitive and have lower both pain and stress tolerance?!

2. Blonde’s Are Sexy And Outspoken

This hair color can really make a woman feel sexier! The «dumb blonde» stereotype, in the other hand, has been completely busted and blonde’s are nowadays considered just as smart as their brunette colleagues! Blondes Get More Attention it is commonly believed that the majority of men absolutely and totally love blonde’s! This, most fun-loving hair color personality of all, is also attributed with other, less «fun» qualities such as vanity and high-maintenance and.

3. Brunettes Are Hardworking And Responsible

Often seen as good, smart and reliable, brunettes are, indeed, the most preferred job candidates! Brunettes Stress Less  they work hard and are perceived as reliable, smart and balanced – but did you know that they also stress less than their red-headed, blonde or black counterparts?

4. Black-Haired Women Are Deep

Did you know that black-haired women are considered to be experts in finances? These ladies are also very deep, more concerned with the «big picture» and will often look deep inside themselves to find answers they are looking for.

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