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Hello Mandalyn Academy Students ❤️

Exciting news! Instead of going to Amy for your glymed orders, Your Glymed Plus accounts are now ready for activation to receive 40% off Backbar & Retail!

Visit Glymed Plus:

Sign Up: Click on “Sign Up for a Professional Account.”

Student ID: Use your Student ID as your license and classify yourself as a student.

Business Info: For business details, enter “Mandalyn Academy.” (important)

Confirmation: Within 24 hours, you’ll receive an email to create your password and login.

Once logged in, explore:

Product Orders
Educational Materials

**Remember to update to a professional account after graduation to receive whole sale prices!

For assistance or questions, reach out to us.

Get ready to enhance your skincare education with Glymed Plus at Mandalyn Academy!❤️

Admin Team
Mandalyn Academy

Mandalyn Academy Graduation Preparation:

Are you looking forward to graduation? Don’t forget to schedule your State Board Practical Prep Class. Be sure to watch the Utah Esthetician State Board Practical Exam practice videos prior to attending the State Board Practical Prep Class at Mandalyn Academy.

Mandalyn Academy Alumni:

Level up your career as a beauty professional by attending our workshops and trainings! As a Mandalyn Academy Student and Alumni you will receive special perks when attending these events. Check out our workshop and training dates 

Mandalyn Academy Announcements:


We will no longer be blocking off all students for graduation. If you wish to attend, you may request in advance. All students not in attendance will be considered to be on the spa floor. Instructors not involved in graduation will then be available to assist those students.

GroupMe Announcements: We are still missing staff and students from the group. Please sign up as soon as possible. Click here to join:


Please wear your name tags. It is important for staff to be able to see your name tags in order to get to know you. Also, your client needs to know your name so they can rebook with you.

We are setting up a Self-Defense class with the Karate studio next door. More details coming soon!



Service –

Chemical Peels – 30% off 

Pumpkin Exfoliant (h2t) – Add on for $10 

Halloween Hydrojelly Mask Add on for $10

Product – 

30% off all Retail Masks


There has been a significant improvement over the past couple weeks with students clocking out for lunch, so Thank you!  I want to remind everyone that even if you do not leave the building and you eat lunch in the break room, you still need to clock out or it’s a suspension w/ a  $100.00 fine.

Student Lockers – There are students using lockers that were not assigned to them. This creates a problem for us when trying to assign lockers to the new OR students. If you are interested in switching to a different locker, you need to talk to Amy first and get her approval so she can update the locker assignment sheet and be able to track what lockers are available for new students.  She may not be able to approve every request, but she will do her best if you just please ask first. 

I need the students that are currently using the following lockers to please see me after Huddle so I can jot your name down for Amy to cross reference w/ her locker assignment list so she can update it. You may or may not be asked to move back to the locker that was originally assigned to you. 

Locker:  A8, B1, C10, D6, D7, D8, D13. 

Amy will be placing Image & glymed orders every Fri. by 1:00 pm… Image orders are for Back Bar products only… Retail sizes can be purchased up front w/ the receptionist. 

Day students need to turn their orders in to Amy no later than 12:30 pm on Fridays… Order slips received after 12:30 pm on Fridays will not get ordered until the following Friday. Glymed is local and we usually receive product from them every Tues. or Wed. … Image usually takes a week to 1.5 weeks to receive.  Product Order forms are located next to the computer in the breakroom. 

Night Student order slips need to be turned in Thursday night. Amy will collect them between 5:00 & 6:00 pm.


4’s: Please watch your attendance, including your tardies and leaving early. These all count against your 4’s.

Facial Week for OR – Please keep voices down in the Laundry Room, please.

Health Challenge: Please turn these in to Carsyn. It is time to start a new month.

Congratulations to our Employee and Students of the Month! Thank you for going above and beyond in everything you do!

Employee of the Month: Daleska

Students of the Month

Day: Bethany Wright

Night: Kacey Hoover



Position: Just reminding everyone that I am now the Campus Director. It is my job to help the business run more smoothly and efficiently. We have been conducting surveys recently to help identity issues and concerns. You are welcome to make an appointment with me to discuss any other questions or concerns. I am continuing to train Don as the Financial Aid Director. He will be the one meeting with students about their Finances/Financial Aid, although during this transition period there may be times that I will meet with students about their financial standing.


Lunch Breaks: If a student is scheduled to attend more than 6 hours in a day, they are required to clock out for a minimum 30-minute break. There are multiple reasons why this is so important. First, it is a safety issue. If we have a fire or other emergency, we need to know who is in the building. Second, it is an Accreditation and Financial Aid issue. Our accreditors and Department of Education auditors check to make sure that students are following their schedules. If the schedules are not being followed, we will have to quit scheduling students for more than 6 hours/day.


There are exceptions to this clock-out rule: On occasion, you may miss your lunch break because you are working on a client. If this is the case, please note this on your daily sheet. You are also not required to clock out for the big parties such as Mandalyn’s birthday or the Color Party, or even the OR class party. (However, you do need to clock out for the staff/student lunch gatherings and other occasional smaller celebrations). Please note, you must clock out for your lunch breaks even if you are staying on campus.


Because we are having an issue with students not following this policy, we have begun spot checking during break periods. If you are still clocked in, but you are not on campus when we are taking roll, it will be a $100 suspension. If you are on campus and you are taking more than a 10-minute break and have not clocked out when we are taking roll, it will be a $100 suspension. 


New Student Kits: Based on feedback from current and former students, we have changed some of the items that are in the Basic Kit for the new OR students. We have now included a wider variety of products. Image now offers a package of 12 products along with a manual. Mandalyn has agreed to allow other students to purchase this for $230, which is below cost. She wants students to have the opportunity to purchase this in order to try out a greater selection of products.



Student 1 on 1’s – Students can now schedule a time to meet w/ me. Prefer you use your breaks or lunch time to inquire about quick questions like hours left till clap out etc. To schedule for other things like helping figure out makeup hours schedule Etc  Slips will be available in the baskets outside dispense or you may come get one from me to turn into the front desk. Receptionist will block the scheduled time off on my schedule in Mindbody & block the student off if necessary.


Time off request slips need to be submitted for State Prov written & practical tests. Must be signed by your instructor so it doesn’t go against your 4’s & signed by the receptionist so you are blocked off in Mindbody.  Must clock out! 

Professional Grade sheet –  Explain 10 points each, added DOTS etc.



New instructors: Emma and Aleyah have joined our team. Please welcome them!

Carsyn’s hours: Carsyn is changing her schedule to work later in the day.

Build your business! 

Health challenge: Please work on the health challenge for the month and turn in to Carsyn at the end of the month.


Communication: We are excited to expand our Mandalyn Academy communications via GroupMe. All staff and students will need to join the GroupMe by October 1, 2022.
‘Mandalyn Academy Students’ on GroupMe. Click here to join:


Call: (801) 772-3131 or Text: (801) 616-2339.
Email: [email protected]

Call: (801) 616-2339
Email: [email protected]


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