Facts and Myths about Head Lice – Your Beauty School Experts

It is often the reaction of people to panic about the presence of head lice on them or on someone in close proximity. Truth is, head lice are not dangerous, just extremely annoying. Head lice are extremely contagious; however, they do not jump, hop, or fly. They are transferred from head to head during contact. Head lice can live up to 2 days off the scalp which allows them to cling to a movie theater seat, couch, clothing, etc. Head lice are also not related to poor hygiene. The small insect lives on blood found in the scalp and in the hair shaft of humans and actually prefers clean hair rather than dirty because it’s easier to get to the blood supply. Ways to get rid of the irritating creatures? There are several medicated forms that can be purchased over the counter, or there are also several home remedies such as olive oil, mayonnaise, etc. Whichever method is used, it is just as important to remove all of the nits (sack of eggs) from the scalp and hair shaft. Otherwise newborn lice will hatch and re-infect the head again. It is also very important to disinfect clothing, furniture, stuffed animals etc. This can be done with a spray for killing lice on surfaces or putting them in a dark plastic bag (tied off) for at least 2 days.  Keep calm, take the proper steps, and you will be back to normal in a couple days!

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