Top 11 reasons graduates would recommend Mandalyn Academy

  1. Passionate, experienced instructors and friendly staff
  2. Guest artists and advanced training
  3. Current curriculum and equipment
  4. Clientele and hands-on training
  5. Fun. Safe. Great Environment
  6. Clean and Organized
  7. Laser and Advanced treatment training
  8. State Board preparation
  9. Professional preparation for working in the industry
  10. Product knowledge
  11. DAY and NIGHT classes with schedule choices

“We frequently have Mandalyn Academy students in our facility for internships. We have hired several graduates because of their advanced skill sets and dependability. Aesthetica & Dr. Kimball Crofts M.D. have been providing leading edge technology and mastered techniques in the esthetics community for over a decade.” Aesthetica Medical Spa

“I started my education @ Mandalyn Academy over 6 years ago and have had nothing but guidance and support since. I graduated in about a year and now have the career of my dreams. The owners are very involved in day to day operations and are always striving to do what is best for the students. I continue to have great relationships with many people I met through Mandalyn Academy. Of course the student body is always changing and you will have people from all backgrounds and ages. Positivity and focus on future goals are necessary in any environment whether during school or once you graduate and are working in the field. As with anything in life, you get what you give :)” Graduate ~ CC Brown

“”My instructors were amazing. I like the product we used and the equipment was up to date.  Mandalyn Academy offered everything I wanted. My overall experience was great.” Graduate ~  Allyson P.


“I grew so much and I feel confident in my ability to do hair.  I learned a lot at Mandalyn Academy. I like the teachers, the girls and the look and decor of the school. I  grew and learned a lot. Graduate ~  Elisa P.

 “I love Mandalyn Academy. I learned a lot and felt comfortable coming to school every day. I felt welcome, class sizes were small and loved the friendliness. My favorite part of school was getting to know the instructors and all the laughs we had. I feel confident at the end of my time here”. Graduate ~  Brittany C.


“I love this school.  I loved the instructors and my experience with school administrators was awesome.  I recommend you attend Mandalyn Academy because of their flexible hours, awesome instructors, amazing students and positive vibes.” Graduate ~  Alesha M.


“Some things I liked about attending Mandalyn Academy are the instructors, the location, small school size, and meeting new people and expanding my knowledge. Graduate ~  Katie M.


“I feel so ready to start on my own and be independent in this industry.  I specifically liked the business classes and my instructor, Jen.  My favorite part of school was learning more about something I love and being able to do it as a career.”Graduate ~  Jessica L.


“I loved my experience at Mandalyn. I took away a lot of knowledge and I am able to keep expanding. I’m excited for things to come in my life and career, and I’m happy I chose to come Mandalyn Academy for my education. Graduate ~  Nacona B.


“Great experience. Love this school.  The facility is beautiful, people are nice and the education is good and professional. I am happy and sad to be done”. Graduate ~  Devrie W.


“Job placement opportunity (opportunities) is an important benefit of attending Mandalyn Academy. So is their education and the support I received with any and all questions that I have in the industry. I would recommend Mandalyn Academy because of the education, convenience with hours and location, the staff and owners are great, and the experience you will get and possible job placement.”Graduate ~  Dinesh P.

“I have had plenty of treatments done at this school and loved every single one of them. the teachers are so nice and friendly and are so great with helping students when needed. not only are they clean but professional.” Spa/Salon Guest ~ Olivia K.

I enjoyed every moment here at school. Even though there were hard times, I learned from each of them. I learned different techniques from each instructor and new ways to do things. Overall, I had a great experience. I am confident that I can go out and Use my skills to make an income.” Graduate ~  Kadee J.

“I definitely am grateful that I chose Mandalyn Academy and learned so much about skincare. I have made super close friends, and each instructor I’ve had has definitely had different qualities that have helped me learn what I needed to know. Over all, I learned and grew, and Mandalyn Academy is constantly improving to make their student receive top notch education in the field.” Graduate ~  Kimberly Z.

“Instructors are steady, very knowledgable, understanding, helpful and amazing. My favorite part of school was making memories, learning, and getting lots of hands on training”.Graduate ~  Kristi M.

“Loved going to Mandalyn Academy. I feel very blessed with the outcome. I feel ready for my next step in getting a job. I would recommend going to school here because of, Hands on laser, evening schedule/flexible, curriculum is awesome and love the girls.” Graduate ~  Shara T.

“My favorite part of school was being able to come to school everyday excited, and to learn something new. Meet new clients and hang out with the students and Instructors. I enjoyed every moment here at school. There’s always going to be some drama at a hair school because it’s a school full of girls. I feel confident that I can go out and use my skills to make an income. Graduate ~  Kadee J.

“I’m happy and sad. I’ve come along way and I’m very proud of myself. I like Mandalyn Academy because of the people, great instructors, and the specialty classes and competitions. Graduate ~  Gaby C.

“At the end of my time with Mandalyn Academy, I feel love for my school. I love my instructors. They taught me, encouraged me, supported me and we were able to trust one another. I would recommend Mandalyn Academy because of the great education, great location, administration who wants to help you succeed and the class sizes. I feel sad to leave.” Graduate ~  Krystle F.

“I enjoyed my whole experience at Mandalyn Academy. I really liked all the staff. The specialty classes were awesome, and the experience I received makes me feel confident to be out on my own. I also loved being able to learn from so many different people and being able to learn different ways to accomplish the same thing. Great education.” Graduate ~  Kaili K.

“My recent experience at Mandalyn Academy was wonderful. I received a Laser treatment (which I was a little nervous about) and I noticed right away that the machine was new (it still had plastic on it) and from the research I have done myself, I could tell it was a top of the line machine. The teacher that day supervising was Gia, and because I expressed to the student during our consult that I was a little nervous she brought in Gia and she excitingly accompanied the student during my treatment. The student was confident and did a beautiful job. I can tell that Gia is a fun and loving teacher. She does a wonderful job at constructive criticism and was positive and upbeat while doing it. I could tell that she is knowledgeable, and passionate about her job and I could observe that she absolutely loves her students. I know I was in good hands and I can’t wait to come back! Thank you for your wonderful students and teachers!” Spa/Salon Guest ~ Pam H.

“I loved it here. I love the students, instructors and administration. Everybody went out of their way to help me when needed. It’s an amazing school! I really liked the loving family environment, accepting people and professional environment.” Graduate ~  Whitney S.

“Instructors have taught me a lot and encouraged me to keep going hand have had faith in me and gave me the drive to want more information to keep learning and to keep pushing myself. The experiences I had, taking on clients and seeing the results from start to end and being able to feel confident in all the treatments was my favorite part of school.” Graduate ~  Tina W.

“My favorite part of school was having made such good friends and progressing in life and my career. I choose Mandalyn Academy to give my daughter a better life, to have a sense of accomplishment and because I am passionate about this field.” Graduate ~  Kourtnie P.

“I loved it hear! I had so many amazing instructors who taught me so many things in this industry. Some of the benefits I received from attending Mandalyn Academy are, knowledge, responsibility and professionalism. I would recommend going to school here because of the teachers, friendly students, it organized and a great environment.” Graduate ~  Morgan B.

“I enjoyed my experience at Mandalyn Academy. I have built a strong foundation with my education and feel that I can go out and be successful in the field. I have made wonderful friendships I will maintain into the future. I would recommend Mandalyn Academy because of the professional & inviting atmosphere and State board preparation. Graduate ~  Brandi B.

I think Mandalyn Academy has some wonderful instructors and girls. My school was very organized and I appreciated the one on one time I received. I appreciate all that Mandalyn Academy has offered me and am excited to begin my career. I would recommend this school to my friends because of the state board training, instructors, small classes and it is clean.” Graduate ~  Amber B.

“I’ve had two services done here; a back treatment and a body wrap. I went to Lexi both times, and it was a fantastic experience both times! The atmosphere is relaxing and professional, as are the services, and Lexi did an amazing job of making me feel totally comfortable and pampered! I highly recommend!!” Spa/Salon Guest ~ Erica M.

“I chose Mandalyn Academy because of the reputation and how long they’ve been around. I really liked the way the curriculum was set up, the products and product knowledge classes, and Mandalyn is an awesome lady.  I would recommend Mandalyn Academy because of the flexible schedules, knowledgeable instructors, and the laser training.” Graduate ~  Shelby H.

“My experience with Mandalyn Academy instructors was AMAZING! I liked the hands on experience, the advanced classed and specialty classes, lash extension classes and the positive atmosphere and open mind of Mandalyn Academy.Graduate ~  Olivia K.

At the end of my time with Mandalyn Academy, “I have left here feeling great about my strengths and my ability to provide good services.” I would recommend Mandalyn Academy because of the good education, flexibility & schedules, prep for the state board tests, and the laser program.” Graduate ~  Jody L.

“I loved it! Mandalyn Academy is definitely a time in my life I will never forget. When I passed the State boards, it finally hit me that I’m no ‘dumb dits blonde’, and I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I’ve never felt so accomplished for doing something on my own and succeeding. Best feeling in the world! Graduate ~ Kassi F.

“I loved going to Mandalyn Academy. I gained lots of confidence and had a job lined up before I graduated.” Graduate ~ Laura A.

“I love Mandalyn Academy. I have been going there for years and I have never had a bad experience. The place is so clean and professional and the new cosmetology school is the best. I have not seen a bad hair cut or color ever leave the school. I give it 2 thumbs up …especially because I feel the students and the instructors are always visible and friendly and attentive and the girls at the front are always right on with there knowledge about the products and services. I love the products they sell…..and the price. Spa/Salon Guest ~ Toni Jorgensen

“I’m sad to leave. I will miss my time here. It was a great experience. I loved Mandalyn Academy from the first time I took a tour with Mandalyn. I have developed confidence and feel the school provided me with excellent curriculum, techniques, facility and equipment for learning. Awesome organization!” Graduate ~ Kayla W.

“I wanted to have a better future for me and my daughter and to be financially independent. I love this school and enjoyed every bit of it. It’s definitely forever in my favorite memories. My confidence changed and my life improved. I began to see more possibilities. Graduate ~ Caroline W.

“I loved my time here. Mandalyn made me feel very welcome and wanted. I feel very prepared to graduate and get a job. The practical kit was perfect. If felt well prepared for my tests. Graduate ~ Angie H.

“My stylist there is excellent and very thorough with her haircuts on me. I’ve returned time and again.” Spa/Salon Guest ~ Brian M.

“I feel Mandalyn Academy is a great school with staff that really wants to help you succeed. Administration treated me kindly and professionally and I was helped and well prepared for the state exam.” Graduate ~ Jaimi P.

“I loved coming to school. I didn’t even want to leave …everyone is so helpful. I would say Mandalyn Academy is the best school especially after hearing students from other schools talk. Ours is the best!” Graduate ~ Sarah C.

“I am very happy with my experience at Mandalyn. I learned so much about myself and gained confidence in my ability to succeed and continue to grow in this industry. I really enjoyed working with my instructors and learned so much from them. I made some great friends and am so excited to move forward in my new career. Graduate ~ Christy G.

“I have loved my education at Mandalyn Academy! There is a wide diversity between all the students but we all get along with each other and there is minimal drama. My instructor is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about us and our success, and really helps us have real spa experiences with our clients. It has been an excellent start to my career as an esthetician!” Graduate ~ Jenny Leigh E.

“I was a student at Mandalyn Academy. I loved every bit of it, and the teachers are so knowledgeable and AMAZING. I love and have great respect to each one of them. I still go and see them every once in a while and it is still same teachers and owners and they are great and very professional. I have reached my dream job and am successful because of the things I have learned in Mandalyn Academy. Without a doubt it is the best decision I have made in my life…. to be able to have my dream job. And I feel that Mandalyn Academy was there with me every step of the way. Thank you Mandalyn Academy owners and especially Teachers =).” Graduate ~ CW

“I think Mandalyn Academy is a modern school. It’s pretty, spacious and clean. I love the students and enjoy working with them every day. I like how it’s not too crowded so we all feel like a family. We all work together and help each other out. I like being able to work with Keune Products. It makes us unique because other schools don’t use, or teach there students about this product/color line. We also use Loma which is also a fantastic product line that smells really good ? I look forward to my future career in the beauty industry!” Student ~ Chassie C.

“Some specific features I liked about Mandalyn Academy were, the willingness of the staff to work with me one on one, the way they worked with my schedule, and the preparation I received for the workforce in Esthetics.” Graduate ~ Shelby B.

“My education at Mandalyn Academy was excellent! The curriculum and experiences I had throughout school gave me the skills necessary to achieve my career goals. The opportunities since graduating have been amazing. I am currently the Lead Esthetician at an exclusive resort spa in Park City. I love this industry and all the possibilities for success and advancement. The industry continues to change and grow and Mandalyn Academy is dedicated to giving students the most advanced education. I am so happy I chose Mandalyn Academy!!!” Graduate ~ Christi B.

“Mandalyn Academy has a beautiful cosmetology salon and aesthetics spa. They expect a lot from their students, which is good because you need that in a school. They want their students to succeed. I love my instructors here :)” Student ~ Makenzie M.

“At the end of my time with Mandalyn Academy I felt “accomplished”. They worked well with my hours, the instructors were awesome, and it was really fun.” Graduate ~ Summer A.

“Becoming a Master Esthetician through Mandalyn Academy was an excellent choice on my part. As a senior in high school I was able to enroll at Mandalyn Academy as a part time student. Even though it was long hours, Mandalyn was able to work with my schedule to fit my hours perfectly. By the age of eighteen I was able to graduate high school and advance to the career I love. The atmosphere at Mandalyn Academy was great, the instructors and the students were professional and this helped me to become an even better Esthetician.” Graduate ~ Mindy R.

“Thanks to the education I received at Mandalyn Academy, I am currently the spa & salon Director of one of the largest spa’s in Utah. They taught me how to perform quality services, build awesome clientele, and helped me develop skills needed to build a successful and growing business. My education was awesome, and the relationships I made while a student will last a lifetime. Mandalyn and Diane will always remain great mentors and friends. Thanks Mandalyn Academy!” Graduate ~ Cassidy McBride

“Both my wife and I have been to Mandalyn, my wife more than I. I had a great experience and found the girls professional. They made me feel very comfortable. My wife loves going there whenever she can. She finds the students very good at what they do, and has never had a bad experience. The people are very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly Recommended!” Spa/Salon Guest ~ Beau Zemp

“Mandalyn Academy was one of the better schools I looked at. The instructors are qualified, helpful, and friendly, and the school provides the most current curriculum, techniques and equipment. I felt they were committed to helping me succeed with my education.” Graduate ~ Amy R.

“I loved it here. I learned so much and appreciate all the hard work and help I have received. I feel accomplished and that my life has been accomplished for good.” Graduate ~ Jessica F.

“If I needed anything or had questions, someone was always available to help me. Mandalyn Academy makes it hard to fall through the cracks. I would recommend Mandalyn Academy because the instructors are amazing, the friendliness of the entire staff, the flexibility, and I can take my clients with me.” Graduate ~ Katie H.

“Since attending Mandalyns, I have a new found confidence and abilities in my life that have helped me succeed and will help me continue to expand my education further and my business. Schooling gave me the self-confidence to not be afraid to make big goals for my future. I love Mandalyn Academy. Thank you.” Graduate ~ Bronte B.

“I love the program at Mandalyn Academy. I wanted to do esthetics when I was a client here and loved the environment. I love it all!” Graduate ~ Cami P.

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