Riiviva Microderm – DIY at home advanced skin exfoliation

article about this up and coming advanced skin care device, that will be launching into the market on February 13th. This article hits us close to home; our own Diane Bitaraf, the co-owner of Mandalyn Academy created and started this amazing home care device, Riiviva Microderm! Not only can she run a school, but she knows what will work for the skin, and let me tell you, THIS WORKS!  As stated by NyMag –

 This new at-home microdermabrasion tool, is about the size of an electric razor and employs a diamond-dust-encrusted tip to first loosen dry skin cells and then vacuum the particles away. At $299, it’s in the same price range as the Clarisonic Skin Brush but the results are supposed to be more effective.”

 On Tuesday, February 12th, there will be a booth set up here at our facility, Mandalyn Academy, for early purchase of your own Riiviva Microderm to take home with you that day!

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