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Take These Classes In High School to Prepare for Beauty School

Take These Classes In High School to Prepare for Beauty School

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For a lot of people, questions about their future and their career paths can be a source of anxiety. But for some, those questions don’t require a second thought.
Are you in high school and your dream is to be a cosmetologist? Or do you know someone who in high school who dreams of being a stylist? Check out these helpful classes to take before you graduate high school that will prepare you for success in beauty school.

Writing & Speaking Classes:

Success as a stylist depends on your ability to communicate with people. It is vital that they not only feel comfortable with your professionalism, but that they feel confident in your ability to understand their needs and be able to give them what they’re looking for.

English and Creative Writing classes are helpful because they encourage you to think about messaging and intent. “What am I trying to say here?” is a common question applied during the drafting process, which can be applied to any professional setting. Having a clear vision of the end goal, and being able to explain the process of how you will get there, is a vital professional skill regardless of your chosen field.

Speech is a secret, but not-so-secret weapon, because while good writing and processing skills are helpful to the creative workflow and management aspects of professional life, good verbal communication skills are the very cornerstone of the service industry.
As a stylist, you will be client-facing (even though sometimes you actually stand behind them) meaning the way you present yourself is very important because it is the first thing that clients experience and will use to evaluate you. A beginning speech course will teach you how to interact with strangers, speak in front of them, and how to navigate tricky communication issues, too.

Art and Theater Classes:

Creative expression is good for you on it’s own, but in the event that being a world-class stylist is on your list of things to do, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn about color, texture, and basic aesthetics. Before you can jump into mixing vibrant color blends, you need a basic understand of how the color wheel functions and the best practices of design. Of course you will learn these things in beauty school, but imagine how much more fun you will have if you already understand the principles. Whether it’s painting, drawing, costumes and lighting, or even stage makeup, these classes lay the foundation that you will need to be successful.

Lab Science Classes:

Biology? Really? It makes more sense than you think.
Working as a stylist, you will be working closely with people’s bodies. Skin, hair, nails, feet, hands, etc..
Salon services such as massage and esthetics require a thorough knowledge of human anatomy.
You wouldn’t expect to need science classes in beauty school, would you?
Speaking of science, taking a chemistry class or two probably wouldn’t hurt either. Cosmetologists mix complicated colors on a daily basis, taking into account the chemical properties of the blend and working with materials that could become caustic if not handled properly.

Cosmetology and Esthetics education incorporate so much more than basic styling techniques and an eye for color, by fusing principles of chemistry and anatomy, psychology, business, and economics to produce a well-rounded curriculum. Graduates of Mandalyn Academy are skilled, business-minded professionals.
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