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5 Must-Try Salon & Spa Services





Mandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics trainingMandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics training


Did you know that there are a ton of pressure points in your hands and feet? A mani-pedi isn’t a spa treatment,it’s a life necessity. Relax and reset with a calming treatment that is also beneficial to your health. Manicures shape the nail and trim the cuticle, but they also exfoliate the dead skin that accumulates. The process stimulates tissue and blood flow which can improve the overall circulation to the hands and feet.

Have you noticed numb sensations or tingling feelings in your fingers or toes when you’re tense? Get a mani-pedi and feel stress wash away!

Mandalyn Academy of Beauty in American Fork, Utah offers industry leading cosmetology and esthetics training


If you’re looking for even more relaxation then this treatment is the one that you should begin with. The Mandalyn academy Signature Facial is the best three-part European facial you will ever have.

Not only will your skin be rejuvenated and years younger, but you will leave with a full-body sense of calm and tension-free.

The procedure includes a deep-cleanse to pull toxins from the surface of the skin and deep within the pores, and is followed by an exfoliation and masque which moisturizes the skin leaving it firm and blemish free.

However, it’s the deep massage for your shoulders, hands and feet that will makes the difference. Only at Mandalyn Academy will you find a facial that will make your whole body feel as great as your skin!

Services_Lash ExtensionsIf you’re still wasting money on mascara and false lashes each month, we have great news for you! Lash extensions are THE only choice for your busy life!

The initial application takes a few hours, and then there is little-to-no maintenance required from you! You simply avoid waterproof mascaras and oil-based makeup removers while you have the lashes.

Lashes come in lengths of 6mm to 17mm depending on the kind of look that you’re interested in. Schedule an appointment and your lash specialist will help you to find the look that you’ve been waiting for!

Services_Laser Hair RemovalShaving is a thing of the past! We have the technology to keep your skin smooth and stubble free!  There are only a few weeks left until spring and that means that bikini season is right around the corner.  Treat your under arms and bikini area now for the most flawless summer of your life.

Not to mention, with a few simple visits you may never have to buy another pair of tweezers again. Do the right thing and ditch the razor for the laser.

Services_Deep Conditioning Treatment

If you decide to hold out for one very special salon treat, this should be it. Your hair goes through some torture to look fabulous all of the time. Replenish the lost nutrients and strength with our Deep Conditioning Treatment, and most importantly moisture.

You need to drink water to keep your body looking and feeling good, and the same goes for your hair and skin.

Did we mention that this treatment is also ultra relaxing, and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and ready to take on the world!

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