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Here at Mandalyn Academy, the top beauty school in Utah, we are continually having specialty classes for our students.  Makeup tips, product lines, different beauty techniques, and business/marketing are just a few of the types of special classes we offer to Mandalyn Academy students and staff.  We feel that some of our most empowering classes are those that deal with our emotions and ourselves.  Adhis Boucha never fails to give a great presentation to us about becoming better every day.  When we open our hearts and minds, it radiates to others through personal partnerships as well as business development.  Everything in our life is connected through a cycle; when we change or adjust one aspect of the cycle, everything else will be effected.

Adhis Boucha at Mandalyn Academy’s Professional Day April 2013

Are you ready to continue your education and career in the beauty industry?  Do you want to attend the best cosmetology and master esthetics school in Utah?  Not only will you gain a knowledgeable education at Mandalyn Academy, but you will also become a better you.  We are changing life’s one at a time, day by day.

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